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Fluidstream Simulations Mapping

To determine the neighbouring of PID entities, AseptSoft for AutoCAD uses geometrical analysis:

End Mapping

Any entity which touches one of the ends of a line is considered a neighbour.

Any entity which touches one of the ends of an arc is considered a neighbour

Clamp touched by heat exchanger

Any entity which touches the geometry of a clamp with any of its ends(line end, arc end) is a neighbour.
Clamps are considered any blocks belonging to classes classified as Clamps in the current environment:

Broken lines Mapping

A set of 2 or more collinear lines where both have opened the end closer to the other one (no geometries neighbouring with that end) and no other closed end collinear lines in between, are considered neighbours.

The following examples are not considered neighbours:

Broken Arcs Mapping

Analogue to the Broken Lines Mapping, AseptSoft identified broken arcs and neighbours them for the FluidStream simulations.

Parallel lines Mapping

Any set of 2 parallel lines of the exact same length of which 4 ends can form a rectangle, if each of them is touched in the middle by other geometries on the exterior side of the rectangle, and no other geometries are crossing in between them, are considered neighbours

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