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Host Project Definition

In AutoCAD there is no concept of Project.
This is why AseptSoft will refer to a virtual project as follows:
When in an instance of AutoCAD the user opens the first Drawing which is saved already on the disk, AseptSoft will look for the folder location of that document, and create an AseptSoft Project there. From this point on, in that instance of AutoCAD, AseptSoft will not change the root any more. Every Drawing located at the same root with the AseptSoft project root will be treated as part of the virtual project, and AseptSoft functionalities will be visible. Otherwise, AseptSoft will be invisible for these drawings. The only way to change the AseptSoft project to open a different root folder, you must restart AutoCAD, and the first Drawing you open should belong to that new root.

See AseptSoft Project Structure for more information.

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