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AseptSoft Project Structure

AseptSoft runs as an overlay over the host(this we know from the existing confluence content)

Terminology: AseptSoft Module vs AseptSoft Project vs Host Project

AseptSoft will use the active project of the host and integrate with it. The most relevant information of a project is the set of P&IDs it contains. The P&IDs can in some cases be related to each other in a physical way by sharing some engineering items, by transmitting fluid flow from one to the other or simply instrumentation-dependent.

Host Project

Represent the project defined by the host application (AutoCAD, Plant3D, etc) with no information about AseptSoft. This Host Project exists even when AseptSoft is not installed.
However, AutoCAD basic does not provide project support. There you can only open multiple drawings. In that scenario, AseptSoft will refer to the Host Project as a virtual project defined in the AutoCAD Integration Documentation.

Autodesk AutoCAD Plant 3D project

AseptSoft Project

It is a 1:1 correlation with the Host Project. Each Host Project can have exactly and only one associated AseptSoft Project. The AseptSoft project automatically opens and closes together with the Host Project, and it stored in a nearby folder. One AseptSoft Project contains multiple AseptSoft Modules

AseptSoft Module

An AseptSoft Module represents a complete unit of work. One Module will contain everything about a Process Design work from A to Z. The final deliverable of AseptSoft represents one Module. A single-team user can deliver the entire work using only one module. However, because of remote teamwork, and versioning, an AseptSoft Project will contain more Modules. Each Branch will contain at least one Module. Modules can be used as a buffer to merge work from one colleague to another. Also, you can checkpoint your work by creating a Commit. That commit is by itself another module.

Process Design

Contains all the Processes with their Phases(Steps). For example CIP and SIP are the most common processes which are present in almost every process design.

Algorithm Design

Contains the sequence of conditions that must be fulfilled in order to proceed from each phase of the processes to the consecutive phase.

Review Sessions

This includes:

One Module can spawn over multiple P&IDs. That allows to share the same Processes design, Algorithm design and Exports.

Each AseptSoft module is independent of the other ones, and they share no information other than the P&ID information. That allows you to define everything different, including different States, Parameters, Variables, just like there are 2 independent Process Design URS and FS to do, and with nothing in common with each other.

Discriminative Table

At this point there is the risk of confusion between the Project of the Host P&ID design software, and the Project of AseptSoft. To avoid any confusion, all AseptSoft documentation follows the convention below:

Project category

Host Project

AseptSoft Project

AseptSoft Module

Terminology used in our Documentation

Host Project




The Project created with one of the platforms like Autodesk AutoCAD / Plant3D. This type of project contains no AseptSoft-related information

The organizational structure of the project

The AseptSoft Project which contains all the states of the valves in each phase, etc.

What it contains

The set of P&IDs

Data regarding the symbols/stencils, etc

Users, Branches, Commits, Modules

Processes and


Build and export, Fluidstream Simulations, etc

AseptSoft currently supports the following Host platforms:

  • Autodesk AutoCAD Plant 3D

  • Autodesk AutoCAD

  • Microsoft Visio (Legacy)

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