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Defines how an Engineering Item can look and behave in a Phase where it features this state.

Example: the state ‘open’ makes a valve look green, and tells us that any fluid will reach one side of the valve will continue on the other side as well. As well the state ‘filled water' makes a tank look blue, and any connected component to this tank will get contamination of water, in other words it is a source of water on the pipes.

A state is defined by the following fields:

  • Name

  • Usage specifies the category of engineering items this state is designed for

  • Color

  • Fluid Response defines the behavior of the engineering item regarding the fluidstream simulations. More information in the Fluidstream Simulations.

  • Percentual specifies whether this state can have different levels of activation. For example the state ‘open percentual’ can be percentual, as a valve can be 23% open. Also the tank ‘filled water’ can be percentual, as a tank can be filled 45% with water.

    The next fields must be defined only if the state is percentual. They define the behavior of an engineering item when it features the state in any percentage different than 100%. For example a valve which is open 100% allows fluid to pass, when it is 50% it allows, and when it is 5% it blocks the fluid. This is because on 0% it is equivalent to a closed valve.

  • Zero Percent State represents the state that the current one is equivalent to when it is used on 0%. From the selected state only the Color and Fluid Response are linked. Alternatively to this field, set the following fields.

    The next fields must be defined only if the Zero Percent State field is not defined

  • Zero Percent Fluid Response represents the Fluid Response that the current state has when used at 0%. More information in the Fluidstream Simulations.

  • Percentual Color Gradient sets the color on 0% when using the right side color picker.

The collection of states can be edited in the States window:

Right click any existing state to edit duplicate or delete it. To Create a new state use the ‘Create new’ button on the bottom.

When editing an existing state, you can not change the Usage field anymore. If you wish to do that, delete the original state, and create a new one with similar properties but new Usage.

Example Create

This state will be visible on any Engineering Item which has the type set to ‘Valve’. For more information about configuring the Engineering Items Types, please see the documentation for the specific platform you use, and look for a page ‘First Time Setup’.

Custom Properties

After creation, open the same state for editing again, and you will see in the right side the special properties of the state:

Custom values in phase defines properties that can have unique values for every Engineering Item in every phase.

Example: VP202 in phase 3 is pulsing at closed interval = 4, open interval = 2
VP202 in phase 4 is pulsing at a closed interval = 2, open interval = 3

The assignment of these values will be made in the actual phases: Assign states to Engineering Items

The Custom state properties table contains

special values that you can use to control the process. They can be easily added and customized.

Currently the following special properties can be used, but more are available. In case you need any special properties Contact us:

  • ec - type:true of false - if existing, only the states with the value True will display Connectorswhen clicked

  • ecsize - type: number of floating point number - if existing, defines how much smaller the Connectors will be displayed relative to the size of the parent EngineeringItem. 2 = half of the size of the parent. 4 = a quarter of the size of the parent.

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