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AseptSoft Core Documentation

AseptSoft is a plugin software. That means it does not have a standalone icon to launch the application directly. Instead, you launch your favourite P&ID Design tool, and AseptSoft will automatically overlay with the host software and add functionalities like Process Design, Algorithm Design, Fluidstream Simulations, and Export.

AseptSoft can be hosted by Autodesk AutoCAD Plant 3D and Autodesk AutoCAD.

To integrate with each of these, AseptSoft has a Core component which is Platform-independent. That means it will look and behave exactly the same no matter the host-platform of the P&ID project.

The AseptSoft Core contains mechanics for the Design principles which your company needs, and it is the biggest component of AseptSoft. In order to integrate with each host platform, AseptSoft contains integration components for each of them.

Continue reading the AseptSoft Core Documentation to learn more about the AseptSoft concept and Core design.

Consider switching to any of the platform-specific documentations to learn about a specific integrations. Don’t worry, they contains good linking to the Core pages where you need to understand Core concepts.


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