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Process Design - Processes and Phases


A Process is a sequence of actions over a plant with a desired final result. In AseptSoft each Process can be created as a sequence of Phases.

Classical examples of processes are CIP (Cleaning in Place) and SIP (Sterilization in Place).

The list of all processes in a module is visible in the ‘Processes’ window.

Use the right mouse click to Rename, Duplicate or Delete any process. To create a new process use the 'Create new' button at the button, then chose a name for the new process.

Rename process

Create new process


A Phase is a step of a Process representing an assignment of States and Percentages over the Engineering Items in the P&ID.

In each phase the assignment is independent of the assignment of any other phase.

Currently the Phases support status-based design. That means each Engineering Item has a State associated in that Phase, regardless of the previous phases. This is the best approach for non-linear design, where for example from phase 2 you could continue to any of the phases 3, 5, or 9 depending on the algorithm design. The status-based design ensures that each Phase is completely defined and can not vary at all. However this slightly reduces the mobility.

Coming soon: Action-based design features

Each Phase assigns a state over just some of the engineering items as an updating action. The ones left unmentioned in the current phase will automatically use the state from the previous phase. This boosts the design speed as when updating the valve in a phase, all the following ones are automatically updated until the coming phase that overrides that. Also in case of reorder the valves update their statuses automatically, with a refactor prompt to confirm that everything is alright.

A Phase also contain a complete Algorithm which will describe when the execution of the Phase is fulfilled and the Process can proceed to the next Phase.

A Phase always belong to one and only one Process, and it keeps a specific position in the ordering of Phases of that Process. Phases can be added, copied, reordered and deleted within a process.

Additional information can be found in a Phase like notes and mentions.

You can create custom properties to Phases using the Attributes functionality.

Rename Phase

To rename a Phase, you need to create the “Name” custom attribute. Changing the values of this attribute wil l update the name of the Phase. This will be visible in the Gallery.

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