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Process Design - Processes and Phases


A Process is a sequence of actions over a plant with a desired final result. In AseptSoft each Process can be created as a sequence of Phases. Each Process will span over all the P&IDs that the parent Module includes.

Classical examples of processes are CIP (Cleaning in Place) and SIP (Sterilization in Place).

The list of all processes in a module is visible in the ‘Processes’ window.

Use the right mouse click to Rename, Duplicate or Delete any process. To create a new process use the 'Create new' button at the button, then chose a name for the new process.

Rename process

Create new process


A Phase is a step of a Process representing an assignment of States and Percentages over the Engineering Items in the P&ID.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

In each phase the assignment is independent of the assignment of any other phase.

You can select Valves and Other Controls and assign States to them in the Module Ribbon or use the Status Editor to copy-paste or bulk-assign States.

A Phase includes a complete Algorithm which will describe when the execution of the Phase is fulfilled and when the execution can proceed to the next Phase.

A Phase belongs to one and only one Process, and it keeps a specific position in the ordering of Phases of that Process. Phases can be added, copied, reordered, renamed and deleted within a process.

Additional information can be added to a Phase. This includes Tabular Attributes, like Notes and Manual Tracker.

Rename Phase

To rename a Phase, you need to press the “Alter” or “Rename” button in the Module Ribbon and then type a new name:

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