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Undo Redo

Most of the units of work can be Undone and Redone in AseptSoft.

The Undo Redo offers an unlimited-size undo-redo stack which can contain any of the following units of work:

  • Process Created, Renamed, Deleted

  • Phase Created, Reordered, Deleted

  • Engineering Item state or/and percentage changed

  • Note created, updated, deleted

  • Mention Tracker created, updated, deleted

  • Algorithm condition created, updated, deleted

The stack is naturally simulated just as in the common sense Undo Redo.

The Undo Redo system from AseptSoft does not interfere with the Undo Redo system of the host platform. They are independently ran, thus AseptSoft does not listen to the hotkeys CTR-Z or CTR-Y

Usually you can Undo or Redo more actions at the same time. The way to Undo and Redo is depending on the Host platform, and thus the core documentation does not contain more information about it.

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