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Export As Excel

Export as Excel to generate structured information about the Project. an Excel Export contains all the Information a PDF export can contain, but instead of using a geometrical display to visualize the open and closed valves, we generate tables containing this information.

The Excel export can be used to:

  • Generate the information necessary to validate using a SCADA system

  • Improve teamwork by sending it to any colleague or to the client, which can review your work from any device, highlight requested changes, as well as structured validation changes requests during the

  • validation period

Each Excel export follows an Export Template and a Highlighter.


An Excel template is an excel File which determines the structure of your excel export. It contains keywords in various cells, which AseptSoft uses to determine which and where the information should be placed. Templates formats are different from Standard to Table formats. See each format for more details.

You can fully customize the location of each item to be shown, as well as the rich formatting of each cell using Templates. Templates are unique for each project as the PID Components differ, but you can make Global Templates to easier your work on new projects.

Opening, creating and editing templates varies on each platform, but everywhere there is a button to produce new Templates automatically.

Each cell containing text in a template is Title. Each Title is unique, and you should not duplicate any of them. Feel free to move the titles in any position that you want, but take care to not cause space problems, because AseptSoft will add information next to these titles, and it can cause space conflicts in some cases. There are cells with the text '-' which tells you where AseptSoft will add information next to each title. Do not overlap these. Note that in some cases AseptSoft may add information outside of the marked spaces, as for the Algorithm table you have a table with 10 rows containing space marks, but you can have more than 1- conditions, in which case AseptSoft will write further than the 10 reserved rows. See examples specific to each formats for better understanding.

One project can have unlimited Templates, and upon each export you can specify under which template you want to export.


Are functions which color the excel export’s engineering items to highlight special and useful information.

Example: Color in green every valve that has a Fluid Response equal to ‘Allow’.

The following Highlighters are currently featured:

  • Open colors in green every engineering item that has a Fluid Response of ‘Allow’ or ‘Generate’ or ‘Change into’. Useful to track contamination.

  • Changing colors in orange every engineering item that has an active State different that the one it has in the previous Phase. Useful to locate the relevant valves in a Phase without losing too much time on comparing. In short terms it highlights the definition of the current phase, as the changing vales are the only reason we had to add this phase. Improves safety as it easier the spotting of mistakes.

  • Active State colors every engineering item into the color it would feature in a PDF export given by the active State and by the Percentage it has in that phase.


Currently the following export formats are supported:

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