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Standard Format

The standard export format follows the structure:


Creating a standard template will produce such a file:

Then you can proceed with customizing it as you wish:

Template customization example

Once you customize the template, simply save it and close the file. The location of the file is automatically assigned.

Static Custom Sheets

You can add unlimited static custom sheets before and after the export Sheet. When doing That, AseptSoft will take care to always bring your sheets into the export, and you can add custom logic to them. For example you can create Blocks of valves values for every phase which automatically update, you can write custom mentions, etc.

The export sheet MUST be always named “1”. Otherwise, AseptSoft will use the last sheet as the export iterable sheet, and produce more copies of it, for each phase


Depending on the platform, you will be taken from various way to the export window where an export template has been already selected:

Chose which processes to export, and which Highlighter to use.

Pressing the Export button will produce such a result:

One xlsx for each Process

Phase 1/8

Phase 2/8

Phase 3/8

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