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Build Condition Field

To easier the Condition writing, instead of manually composing the formulas, you can use the Condition Builder window. This window contains click-based user interface which assists you.

The window is divided in the following areas:

  • Selection Area:

    Select one or more Instruments, one operator, and one Parameter or Variable by clicking them. Note that You can either chose one Parameter or one Variable at a time, while you are allowed to chose multiple Instruments at the same time. You will notice that upon every selection change the text in the Selection Edit Area will change:

  • Edit Area:

    Contains 3 text boxes where you can visualize the selections, as well as you can edit them. The first text box contains the selected Instruments, the second one contains the selected operator, and the third one contains the selected Parameter or Variable.
    Alternative to clicking the items in the Selection Area, you can simply write any of them in the Edit Area. This is used when you want to type something custom. For example instead of using a ‘T1 fluid qty’ variable, you may prefer to hardcode a static number like ‘25l’.

  • Logical Operators Area:

    Here you can aggregate more atomic formulas into a bigger one by adding logical operators between them. When you press any of the ‘AND’/'OR'/'XOR' buttons, the formula written so far is saved below, the specific operator text is appended, and the Selection Area and the Edit Area are reset and you can start building a second atomic formula, which will append in the final formula on the right side of the selected logical operator.

  • Final Formula Area:

    This area contains the final formula which is live updated upon any change in any of the areas described above. You can also chose to edit it directly.

  • Commit Area:

    Here you can chose to return the text from the Final Formula Area, or to abort.


  1. Select a few instruments

  2. Select an operator

  3. Select a Parameter

  4. Optional: Edit anything in the Selection Edit Area. Note how the value updates live in the Final Formula Area

  5. If you want to make a complex formula press any of the logical operators

    Note that the parenthesis have been automatically enabled at that point. To disable them press the Checkbox next to the logical operators. That will disable the automatic parenthesis. Also note that the Selection and Edit Areas have been reset.

  6. Create a second atomic formula as in the first steps

  7. Press ‘Insert Condition’ to commit

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